Friday, February 29, 2008

VoHRH Framed!!!

I got this back from my framer earlier this week. Didn't it come out gorgeous? I don't usually put my pieces under glass but I did this one which made it very difficult to take a pic of it. I have so many windows in my house that I couldn't get away from all the reflections. So this is the best pic I could get.

I haven't done much stitching. One of my daughters went on a college trip this week with her high school and she became very ill and ended up being hospitalized for 2 days, 1500 miles away from us!!!! She will be home tonight, I can't wait to get my arms around her.
I've been tagged by Noreen. Here are the rules:
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2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
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Here are my 7 things:
1. I am left handed, but I do everything with my right hand except eat and write.
2. I need to know details. Example: When my husband tells me someone called, I need to know what time they called and exactly what they said (this drives my husband crazy).
3. I have a fear of heights (even a Ferris Wheel is too high for me).
4. I can't swim in water over my head, my feet have to be able to touch the ground.
5. My husband thinks I have ugly feet (I like my feet).
6. I never started drinking coffee until I was in my 30's, and today I can't live without it.
7. I like to dip potatoe chips in chocolate ice cream.
Thanks for the many comments that you guys leave on my blog. They are always very thoughtful and I appreciate them.
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I have trouble spacing my postings, can anyone help me out? When I type my post I have spaces between my paragraphs but once I post it they disappear.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Puppy Dog Row is finished ;)

I finished Puppy Dog Row this afternoon. It is much easier to stitch under my Dazor light instead of the romantic lighting in our room in Cancun, lol.

Puppy Dog Row
Bent Creek
Fabric: 32 ct "Sorbet" by Picture this Plus
Threads: GAST & WDW
Started ~ 2-9-08
Finished ~ 2-22-08
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're back and a new start

We had a wonderful time in Cancun. The temperature was in the 80's every day, the ocean was the most gorgeous blue. I got a beautiful tan which is peeling off and leaving me a funny pink :0). I debated whether I was going to bring any stitching with me and decided I would and that I would start something new. This is Puppy Dog Row by Bent Creek. I am stitching this on 32ct "Sorbet" by Picture This Plus, using WDW's and GAST. As you can tell this is a very quick stitch. My next sitting with it should finish it up.

Thanks for all the nice comments on SPWN, they will help keep me going.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SPWN Update and off to Cancun

I was hoping to get all the cross stitching done on part 5 before posting a pic, but didn't quite make it. I still have a little bit of regular stitching to do and then a TON of backstitching and then to add the beads.
Apparently these are apartment houses, not regular houses. I actually thought they were mansions!! It looks like a lot of people stopped stitching this piece during this part. Hopefully this was the largest part in the pattern.

This Friday we leave for Cancun to celebrate our anniversary, a tad bid early, but who wants to go to Cancun when it's warm here?
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