Saturday, September 13, 2008

Udate on Noah and a RAK

This is how far I am on Noah. I haven't picked up anything to stitch since my surgery. I managed to get a little bit more done on this before my surgery though.
Speaking of my surgery, the doctor was not able to get the kidney stone. He ended up putting in a stent to dilate the are where the kidney stone is sitting and I have to go back to surgery on the 19th to have the stent and the stone removed. Hopefully that will be the end of this ordeal ;)

I received a beautiful RAK from Tracy. I love this pattern. I actually have the linen it calls for, I just need to pick out what thread I want to stitch it in. I did a floss toss this morning but I need 40 yards of thread and don't have that much in my stash. So I think I might go looking for a pretty variegated silk. Will show a pic when I've found what I want.
Thank you Tracy, that was so sweet of you.

"Cheerfulness is among the most laudable virtues. It gains you the good will and friendship of others. It blesses those who practice it and those upon whom it is bestowed."


Anonymous said...

I hope you will feel better real soon.

You are welcome, I am glad that you really like it. It was pifed to me at one time and I enjoyed it while I had it. I just wanted to show my appreciation for your thoughtfulness in all of the comments you leave for me.

Pumpkin said...

Oh lovely! It really is coming along nicely :o)

Sorry to hear the stone has not gone away :o( I hope the stent helps.

That was a very nice ROAK. Gorgeous pattern and I can't wait to see what color you go with :o)

Stitchingranny said...

So sorry to hear you have to go for a 2nd lot of surgery. It must be so frustrating to come round and find they have been unable to do it the first time. I will be thinking about you on the 19th.

Noahs ark is lovely - love the colours too.

Suzanne said...

Noah is looking really good! I love the chart you received. It's a really beautiful design.

Sorry to hear that the surgery didn't go as well as expected. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon. I hope that you are feeling ok. I send you lots of hugs.

Mel said...

I hope your feeling better soon.
Noah looks lovely!

Karoline said...

I hope that the surgery clears things up on the 19th.

Noah is looking lovely

stitcherw said...

I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble and will have to go back. Hopefully they get it next time with no trouble and you're fully recovered soon. Noah is looking great, as is your earlier update of Mermaids. It must feel great to have the one done and be started on the second.

Vonna said...

Good Luck with that kidney stone...that does not sound like a fun all.
Noah is looking so wonderful! And Tracy's RAK is beautiful too :)

Sally said...

I hope the second surgery is successful.

Noah is looking gorgeous. Lovely PIF from Tracy.

Katrina said...

Oh wow, hope things go smoothly next week and you are rid of the kidney stone. Lots of good thoughts and prayers.

Love your Sunday school lessons, I have all of them in my stash but none stitched :-).

Kathy said...

Oh, no. What an ordeal you are having with that kidney stone. Hope all goes well in the next procedure.

Noah looks great. Hunt Sampler is on my list of 'to dos'. What a wonderful RAK.

Sherry said...

I hope this ordeal is over for you very soon!

I have that chart and started on it but set aside! Maybe I should look for it and finish it! It was a fun stitch!

Marita said...

Noahs Ark looks lovely.

I hope all goes well with the Kidney Stone the second time round.